Our Vibe

We're Inspired

Inspired by French Cafe's & Latte's, Real Estate Cafe LLC is a chic boutique real estate brokerage serving Central & Southern Oregon, offering a unique and stylistic approach to helping our clients achieve their goals and dreams, while creating relationships of land & life.

We're Happy

Happiness begins at Home. Our home away from home is not your traditional stuffy real estate office. Our happiness begins with a red front door, a warm and inviting living room, and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It's there that we discover our client's dreams and how we can make them happy.

We're Blessed

Blessings come from helping others. We are uniquely and passionately qualified to fulfill this goal by helping our clients see real estate opportunities and their possibilities. You'll never see us brag about our sales, nor do we showcase any trophies or plaques on our walls. That's just not us. We get our kudos from doing a job well done for our clients every time.

~ Menu of Services ~



Many of us are transplants... so we know what it's like to move to a new area and learn the local ways.  That's why we're uniquely qualified to help you navigate the twists and turns of relocating to a new state.  We know the ropes and we're happy to help!



We love to play in our beautiful neck of the woods, so a typical play day might include biking, hiking, rafting, jet-boating, perusing local eclectic shops & restaurants, and sipping lattes. We're always happy to share our favorite hangouts and secret places!



We care about kindness and helping those less fortunate, so we donate a portion of our earnings to charitable causes that make a difference in our community and abroad.  We proudly sponsor organizations that provide food, shelter and clothing to those in need.